Everyday Kay is a brand of Apparel! My name is Alex Kay Sullivan, I am a wife and mom of 3. I started Everyday Kay to share and inspire others of "what's your everyday?"  Any time I am having a hard day or my mom-life seems to take on way more then expected, the only thing that gets me through is my everyday. For me, it's the Lord, my family... it’s my wonderful crazy beautiful children, and my amazing husband. I wake up everyday and know that this is what I am fighting for. This is what I am working hard for and why I stay strong. My mission is to help you have that reminder too! What do you work hard for? Why do you stay strong? What keeps you motivated? 

What is your everyday?


I love to inspire and uplift others to remind them of their everyday, and also share my creativity with all of you through my blog & shop!


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